Anouar Badaoui, born 1990 in Berlin, has developed a rich painterly oeuvre that operates in the space between pure abstraction and emotionally intense figurative expression. Often themes are layered through multiple references on the surface, emerging as patterns out of gestural brushstrokes, symbols, inventories, lists,and diagrams. Most images in Badaoui’s works have double and triple meanings,some of which he discusses openly and others that he left undefined, remaining open to viewers’ interpretations. Badaoui sought and enjoys unlikely collisions of imagery and words, massive influxes of information and stimuli that recreates the experience of being in aworld that is exciting, inspiring, oppressive, and toxic. Called towards the Remembering of the human roots, his work explores his African, indigenous and European heritage through a visual vocabulary of personally resonant signs, symbols, and figures, and his art developed rapidly inscale, scope, and ambition as he moved from street art to his studies in 2013 the University of fine Arts Berlin, where he received recognition as a Master student 2019. Much of his work referenced the distinction between wealth and poverty, and reflected his position as a working-class child of immigrants.

In 2022, Anouar embarked on an artist residency in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and held his first solo exhibition “(Almost) Forgotten” at the Club of Polish Losers in Berlin. 2023, he has been diligently working in his studio and had his big solo show “(RE)CONNECTION” at the Praise Studio in Berlin Neukoelln in November.