Piss River

aren’t you feeling a little lost

in these times that we live in

can you get that


is your mind

stuck with western questions

about where will you be in the future

stuck forever in your teenage spaceship

you wake up and you’ve got a woman now

who wants you to come on home

you don’t love her and ask yourself

„what are the fruits of my labor?“

like some strange rain of doubt is coming over you

what comes after certainty

when you followed a path that has been written for you

can you come to the conclusion

all alone

that you are able to let the bound dissolving

i wish you good luck

and send you an anemone

and wish to you, even if you don’t know where or when

that you’ll find a way

every single time i dream

i wake up and realize that nobody gets what they want anymore

except those few who take

while the rest suffers

i stood by the sea every day

sundown, sundown, i screamed

all the time

they called me the boy with the sun song

wading in waist-high water

waiting for the waves to take him

in god’s childlike hands

Kiefer no melody

in Glimpses of a moment

everybody dies

the moment mr. sun decided to stop

shining on our world


In my head

i dance to the ballad of dorothy parker

In the end the only right i had left, was the right to remain silent

silent about their lies and deception

they were wrong about the rain they were creating

descending from the dark sky

filling our bodies With the B and O Blues

Pepople in L.A were the first to lose their precious sight

and even if the rain stopped

the smoldering fire of the forests

people lost themselves

being blind in the chaos


I hid in a blue motel room

because it was to hard to say goodbye

to all these people

crazy, stoned and now gone

I can’t hold on to everything i lost

My sorrow became our Love’s Refrain

Deep down i know there’s no answer without you

and still

I aint cried yet

all this is just a nostalgic montage


but don’t get me wrong; there is no time for finding peace yet

not while these self called nobles are taking what is left of the world

I try not to feel dizzy from the effects of the rain

sometimes the memory comes back when you asked me if it is cold in the water

I told you the cold is just another sensation

just focus on your mantra and breathe

like you did when you danced to the music

is god my love or dead

because life will end like any other study

City Girl Poem

Remember our rides through the morning

we drove through town by franklin’s tower

you smelled like the perfume you used to wear

rose rouge

it was a day in november

cold , grey and born to be blue

the sky was bright and white

we were driving for a day or two


all i did was just for you


i mean, who’s gonna save the world

when the human being has lost all his sense

he  forgot the heart of things

the times we he still carried the water from the well and spring

in the times where the self was still connected to the I

in the the thoughts in my mind

i have had a conversation with them

that someday they will stop thinking only about  a visit to croatia and wearing coco chanel dresses

but its too late

now they are gone

and I look in the sky and observe Jupiter

Thats’s O.K.

for a moment i forget about my sandy toes

just a further look at loss

like not wearing shoes

As the world down here comes to an end

I know you are in a hyper sleep on the spaceship dreaming of discovering new worlds

Remember even if i die down here


I love till the end

No Title

the road of the lonely ones has began

where just a leap of cheap whiskey’s 70’s Rie is left

dry and lost in a lonely world

where i can’t go to sleep

and Peter Pan stands at my window

at the morning sunrise

to shoot his arrow through my heart

thats no surprise

so during the night i shovel moonlight into my eyes

and built new faith made of silk

thinking back of my friend the Forest

where the sunshine was still warm on love from above

now, only the deep shadows of the blue mountain leave me in the dark

oh, lovely appearance of death

soon never comes

never comes back

Is there a chance to get well?

how i loved to dream and dreamed to love?


We won’t be home anymore

and the end will come and leave our shine at the shore

faded till the saturday morning doze of the crows

I guess it’s time to say faretheewell

time to find your wings

and leave for good


one last time i think about how you make me weak at the knees

before you said goodbye


Week Six

Even if they are blinded by those lies

we should show them love

and sing a warm canto wihtin our hearts

because we do not want to go down on the level of those blinded minds

i can feel it; it’s my time to be enumerating the truths

and resolve their puzzles of lies

if you talk to me you’ll understand


This restless song flows trough my whole being

like a perfume of the stars

short and sweet

it also burns like acid in my stomach

as the world turns dark


people see me just as their art school crush

while i’m out hustling, living the street dreams

they get paid for pretending to be alive

by mama and papa

fuck ya


I think about how you said „i Love  you“

and the words go trough me like a summer breeze

but my mind is somewhere else

I feel the lies too much that trouble our hearts

so i sing because the blues remembers everything the country forgot

And one night thousands of shooting stars will light the darkness

in the morning we will be able to look into a new sky

But be sure you will always be by my side

my beautiful black woman my queen

the  cabin days we spend on the moon drifting through space

your are my space time girl

even if everything else fades

our love galaxy prevails

Metallic Taste

We escaped from Babylon

no one should have that kind of Power over our minds

perhaps a super nova


now, we let it happen


running through the red dust of the desert

with that bittersweet taste in our mouths


you know, i’ll be around


and find that antidote for their poison

which made us feel falaise from the inside

and gave us that metallic taste

don’t worry i will catch your tears

remember it’s always like i loved you


they will send an automatic driver to find us 

to destroy our love


so we will have to go through deep changes

to be able to live trough the day without a sundown syndrome

we will find an empty beach

you will call me Helmut from now

I know it needs your imagination

but i will go on my knees to protect you from their air forces

I become a pusher of broken finger blues


And in case they take you away

you will receive a strawberry letter 23 one day

brought by a man named Bewyy

and even after decades

i will come and find you again